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Cinnamon Peach Flan

~Cinnamon Peach Flan~

So did everyone out there have a great Easter or Passover weekend? I hope you did because I sure did! We had a delicious dinner of tangerine glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, asparagus, sweet bacon glazed carrots, deviled eggs and parmesan & pepper popovers. Then to top it all off my …

Passover Honey Almond Cake

~Passover Honey Almond Cake~

OMG did anyone go see the new Captain American movie this weekend? Well I will admit that I am a closet action adventure chick here!! I absolutely love the Marvel movies, especially Iron Man…. wiping the drool off of my chin when I think about RD Jr., and I am …

Swedish Spice Cookies

~Swedish Spice Cookies~

Are you ready for the next holiday cookie recipe? Well I hope you are because I am ready to share my favorite …